What We Do​

CFACH is well-known among the medical community throughout Kenya
as a lifeline for those families with little or no financial resources whose children are in critical need of cardiac care.
We serve all deserving children indiscriminate of their religious or tribal backgrounds.

Pre and post operation support

The organization has developed a full cycle of operation which outlines the stages a patient goes through before he/she is admitted in the theater for a heart surgery. This helps to track the patient’s stages of treatment.CFACH facilitates all pre-surgery assessments for the patients and gets involved in the recovery process of its patients even after surgery.

Cover cost of surgery

Most of the children referred to us need surgery to correct the heart defects. Some need one surgery others need several. CFACH provides assistance in working with doctors and hospitals to arrange for surgeries. For some it is closed heart surgery; for others it is open heart surgery. The complexity of the needed surgeries differs and is determined by various medical factors. Some surgeries are referred abroad, to facilities with capacity to handle complex cases.

Whether done locally or abroad, these surgeries run into hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of Kenya shillings, amounts way beyond reach for most parents and guardians. We look for well-wishers who help us raise the money needed to have these lifesaving surgeries. Often these surgeries are certified as urgent. Delays may result in the child being declared inoperable or in some cases, death.

Family Support Center

The Family Support Center provides accommodation for the patients and caregivers, a kitchen for preparing meals, and a common area for children and families to gather together, much like a Ronald McDonald House in the U.S.